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Typingtop.com - Practice typing and typing test

Check your typing speed

How fast can you type? Do our typing tests and check your typing speed now.

Multiple practice modes

With our practice modes, typing exercises, proper finger placement, you can easily form the habit of using all 10 fingers and increase typing speed.

Practical lessons

Choose from many free typing lessons and gradually practice your typing skills.

Keep track of your typing practice

Follow your typing practice to set a clear goal and keep your typing process on the right track.

Interactive Experience

TypingTOP builds a collection of content such as: games, videos and various typing challenges, which helps users have a variety of experiences and makes typing more enjoyable.

Instructions for correct hand position

To type faster, the fingers need to be placed properly. Each finger should be placed correctly on each key group and you should type exactly according to the instructions. Practice typing perseveringly and regularly will help you master typing and type faster.


Practicing 10-finger typing, typing practice will increase focus and reduce stress when typing for a long time.

TypingTOP has many 10-finger typing lessons and typing test from easy to difficult levels and visual images for users to get acquainted easily and type faster.

Words per minute (WPM) is a metric used to typing speed test and is calculated based on the number of words typed per minute.

TypingTop is a 10-finger practicing, typeracer, typing practice website for every subject: Pupils, Students, Workers, Employees,..

TypingTop supports teachers with functions like: manage classes, assign lessons to students and review students' results.

You only need the Internet and a web browser to use TypingTOP to practice typing, typeracer.

In addition to engaging typing exercises, TypingTOP has other features to help users practice typing such as practice time tracking, goals setting for practice, games to help practice typing, typing speed test etc.

You do not need to create an account to test your typing speed. However, when you register an account, the results of your typing test will be saved, which makes it easy for you to track your progress or share the results with friends.

TypingTop supports all browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, so you can use your favorite browser to practice typing on TypingTOP.

  • The amount of time required correlates with the amount of time and effort you put in. You should create an account to track your progress and results after each lesson.
  • When creating a TypingTop account, you can set your standard practice time daily and practice typing lessons for proper typing.
  • After you complete your goals or keyboard practice exercises, TypingTOP will award corresponding badges to you.
  • In order to type faster, you need to practice typing with typing lessons in Typing Practice section, remember to put your fingers in correct orders, set daily goals for practice time, regularly practice and the most important thing is persisting in 10-finger typing practice.
  • Proper and comfortable posture is also an important factor for practicing typing fast and effectively.